The enormous FORMATION | DEFORMATION Quilt has a quite unusual origin. Born from the assemblage of a large painted banner with a mountain of used pairs of jeans, FORMATION | DEFORMATION evokes the sometimes tumultuous journey of CEGEP students at the dawn of their adult lives.

The banner, salvaged from trash, was painted by a group of music students and their friends during a party, a boosy and smoky evening, unfortunately typical of the daily life of young CEGEP students. Visual witness of the interests and disillusions specific to their generation, the banner proved to be a stimulating material in the creation of this artwork.

The used pairs of jeans found in the quilt were worn by Drummondville people and recovered by direct donations or visits to local thrift stores. The video presented in addition to the work recounts the unusual journey of FORMATION | DEFORMATION, the mutation of the quilt through times, the importance of textiles for the Drummondville region while documenting the design and fabrication of this very special quilt.

If you understand French, you can watch the five  Youtube clips down below to have the story behind this project. If not, have a look at these images.

Les capsules vidéos sont une réalisation de Lachapelle Communication visuelles.

Isabelle Dupras

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