Who am I?

After years of celebrating Quebec’s flora as part of my horticultural career, I now dedicate myself to an entirely different aspect of our heritage, that of quilting and textiles.
With a background in landscape architecture, during which I explored many avenues of design, I now take full advantage of my creativity and my love of nature to create expressive quilts that are both objects of comforts and personalized artworks.

The quilt, as I propose, allows me to combine my love for popular heritage, my passion for textiles from here and elsewhere and an intense desire to share my fascination with the things of nature, small or large.

If you understand French, watch this clip made by the Fabrique culturelle team.

My approach

In order to maintain the economic vocation behind the quilt, I place a lot of importance on recovered materials, such as denim, linen and cotton. Formerly a necessity of assembling old clothes and worn fabrics, the quilt has been a significant household activity for many families and communities. It is this practical aspect that I wish to pay tribute to in my work.

Also very enamored by the beauty of the natural world, I draw my inspiration from fragments of landscape, the plumage of birds, the poetry of migrations and the apparent tumult of life that swarms and provokes in me always more emotion.

Both formal and poetic, my approach responds to the quest for meaning and beauty that has always inspired me. My current practice allows me finally to amalgamate fully the many ingredients of my enthusiasm and my wonder.

Isabelle Dupras

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