The SYNTHesis project brings together a dozen quilts by Isabelle Dupras each accompanied by a unique sound ambiance created by Bob LaChapelle, designer of electroacoustic environments.

The two artists spent an entire year working together, creating bipartite works of art that are both visual and audio, and that demonstrate the amplifying power generated by the combination of their respective mediums. It is difficult to determine if the quilt inspired the music or if the music generated the quilt, but each textile+sound pair constitutes a coherent whole that is surprisingly evocative.


(Computer network) First packet transfer network developed in the United States by DARPA, the project was launched in 1967. It is the predecessor of the Internet.

Etymology of “Arpanet” Acronym of Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.


COSMOGONIE  French name
Theory explaining the formation of the Universe and certain celestial objects.
Cosmogony is from the ancient Greek “cosmos” (world) and “gonos” (procreation), is a theory about the creation of the world and the universe, which takes the form of either legends and myths or scientific hypotheses.


RUMEURS  French name
1. Confused noises from a number of voices.
2. by extention, confused and continuous noises coming from far away.
3. Noises caused by some unexpected news and especially by a news causing discontent.
4. Information disseminated whose veracity is doubtful.


ASTÉROÏDES  French name
Astronomy The asteroid is a small celestial body that is part of the Solar System. It rotates in orbit around the sun. Its size varies but does not exceed a few hundred kilometers.
Shoot ’em up video game published by Atari Inc. in 1979 on arcade terminals. The game was a great success in the United States and Japan, and is still considered a classic in the history of video games.


QUARANTAINE  French name
1. Isolation of variable duration (originally forty days) imposed in case of contagious risks.

2. locution, figurative Putting someone in quarantine: excluding him, putting him aside.


ERRANCE  French name
Tendency to wander for long periods of time, over long distances, with no other goal than the journey itself. Wandering.


SÉQUENCES  French name
Ordered sequence of elements.
1. (Mathematics) A sequence of finite length.
2. (Cinema) A series of continuous shots that form a narrative unit.
3. (Music) To use a sequencer to play music.


SCHIZOPHÉNIE  nom féminin
From the Greek skhizein, to split, and phrên, thought.
Psychiatry. Chronic delusional psychosis characterized by a discordance of thought, emotional life and relationship to the outside world.


AQUANAUTE  French name
(Diving) Scuba diver, person who carries out underwater expeditions.
Etymology of “aquanaut”: from Latin aqua (water) and Greek nautes (sailor or navigator).


SCHIZOPHÉNIE  nom féminin
du grec skhizein, fendre, et phrên, pensée)
Psychiatrie Psychose délirante chronique caractérisée par une discordance de la pensée, de la vie émotionnelle et du rapport au monde extérieur.
Synonyme : psychose dissociative

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