2020 has been for me, as for most of the world, a very differant year… Overwhelmed by the pandemic, I managed to finish very very few projects, yet I started more than one.

Digitalis is one of my few completed projects of 2020. Using old pairs of recycled jeans and a beautiful Japanese cotton, I created this quilt somewhat blindly, without pre-determined destination. Just like the thread of time in 2020… Uncertain.

Digitalis is both the finger that leaves its mark and the digital age.

The fingerprint that multiplies on the surface of this quilt reminds us that the handmade object carries a history greater than the simple sum of the materials that compose it.

Digital is also the characteristic of our time which decomposes and pixelizes to make all pass by the waves. It is the disembodied expression of a real object that will never translate its material warmth and texture.

Dimensions : 68” x 53” (173 cm x 135 cm)
Medium : Reclaimed post-consumer denim, Japanese fabrics, polyester stuffing, cotton threads.
August 2021

Isabelle Dupras

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