A vortex is a vortex of fluid that creates a spiral with an empty center. Vortexes can be observed during tornadoes or simply by watching water flowing through the hole in the bathtub.

Vortex is an assemblage of Japanese fabrics and recycled jeans. The denim pieces are arranged according to their degree of wear and dye, with light pieces in the center and then darker pieces as you approach the periphery. This arrangement creates an amazing optical illusion. The double gauze used has a Japanese name that can be translated as “animal hair” and is arranged in such a way as to create a circular movement, as if the wind was swirling the fur.

Dimensions : 78 X 78 inches (200 x 200 cm)
Materials : Nani Iro Japanese double gauze, recycled denim, cotton, cotton thread, batting.

Slate Museum, Richmond QC, Courtepointes contemporaines et tableaux textiles by Isabelle Dupras, June-July 2019.

Axart Gallery, FORMATION | DEFORMATION and other contemporary quilts, November 2019

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