The three Reliqua

Reliqua I, II and III, evoke the ever increasing fragmentation of natural environments.

Made from Nani Iro cotton sateen and cotton, these quilts use a minimum of pattern and color to illustrate a desolate situation.

The use of improvisation in the piecing and quilting reinforces the chaotic feel. The scribbled stripes of the fabric and the quilting inspired by them evoke both the trap and the prison and illustrate our collective apathy towards the destruction of nature.

In Latin, Reliqua means “what remains”.

Dimensions: 35 x 47 inches each (90 x 120 cm)
Materials: Cotton, Japanese cotton sateen, fleece, cotton thread.

Quiltcon, Nashville USA, February 2019.
Slate Interpretation Center Richmond QC, Courtepointes contemporaines et tableaux textiles by Isabelle Dupras, June-July 2019.

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